Michael Walker — Daylight CD Review

June 24, 2018

Guitarist Michael Walker caught my attention several years ago with his debut release A Smoother You. It was silky smooth and reminded one of how crisp and soulful jazz guitar could be played. I somewhat likened his style then to the suaveness of Norman Brown and George Benson. The guitarist is back now with his latest release, a 6-track EP entitled Daylight. It’s yet another exercise in smooth with an enticingly refreshing approach to jazz sprinkled with R&B.

Walker’s pointed, deliberate style allows one to focus on and grasp every single note of each track. Just take a listen to such offerings as the lead track “WLC (When Love Calls),” the title track, and the slow, sexy “I Promise,” and you’ll get my point. Walker is joined here by guitarist Adam Hawley who appears here as co-writer and producer on three of the six tracks, He also serves as mixer and programmer of keys and bass on those tracks.

This is feel-good c-jazz with large doses of quality and finesse. Why Walker chose to only offer six tracks is anyone’s guess, but my sense is that he most certainly could have mesmerized listeners with twelve of these goodies as easily as with the six you hear here. On the other hand, if you’re good, six tracks may be all you need to satisfy your listeners and persuade them to eagerly anticipate more from you in the future. Michael Walker is that good. Give him a listen. I doubt that you’ll find a disappointed note on the project. – Ronald Jackson

from: https://thesmoothjazzride.com/michael-walker-daylight/

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