Michael Walker didn’t come from a lineage of musicians. But his love for the electric guitar has allowed him to embrace the riveting sounds of blues and smooth jazz. Born in Newport, Arkansas. Michael was hooked on the guitar by listening to his grandmother’s old blues records, notably the great B.B. King.

His first visual exposure to the guitar came by watching musician Roy Clark stroke the strings every week on the country variety show, “Hee Haw.” His awe of Clark confirmed his desire to play the guitar. When Michael approached 12 years old, his dad bought his son an electric guitar.

A novice guitar player in town, Mr. Vault, became his instructor. Eventually, Michael’s dad allowed him to play with more established players in local clubs. Michael contends this experience allowed him to gain exposure in playing in a real band. Michael now has Three CD’s under his belt …..”A Smoother You “released in 2013, DayLight released in 2018 …Michael released his Third CD ” My Journey ” July 30, 2021